H i ,
I ' m A d a m ,
C o d e r , I n s t r u c t o r ,
a n d M u s i c i a n .

Sophmore at Cornell University.
Android Developer at Cornell AppDev.
Incoming Software Engineer at Microsoft.
Course Instructor of CS 1998: Intro to Android Development.

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About Me

I am a Sophmore at Cornell University; I'm a Computer Science and Music double major with a minor in Arabic.

I am currently an Android Developer for Cornell AppDev and mainly work on Eatery, an application serving the Cornell community with over 6,000 monthly active users. Additionally, I also work on the Ithaca Transit application, an application serving the Ithaca community with over 5,000 monthly active users and the Course Grab application.

My Professional Interests Include:

• Software Engineering for Social Innovation
• Computer Science's Interdisciplinary Applications (particularly those relating to music)
• Human-Computer Interaction
• Algorithm Design
• Natural Language Processing
• Game Design
• Musical Composition and Performance
• Filmmaking
• Philosophy
• Social Activism.

I am a Double Bass performer in jazz and classical music, and I also compose film and game scores as well as hip-hop beats.

I am based in the greater Ithaca, New York; Toronto, ON; Raleigh, NC; and San Francisco, California areas.


Who I Am:

I am a driven, hard-working, and detail-oriented person who enjoys making connections with people, exploring research topics in Computer Sceince, and enjoys pursuing passions of Computer Science, Music, and Social Innovation.


React, React-Native, Firebase, GraphQL, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Unity.


Object-Oriented Programming, UI/UX Design, Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Algorithm Design, Git, Functional Programming, Dynamic Programming, Circuit Design, System Programming (in C), Hardware and Cache Design, SSH & Network Protocols, Front-End Development, and API implementation.


Android Studio, VMWare, JMP Statistical Software, Github, Adobe XD, Figma, Logism, Adobe CS6, Davinci Resolve, FL Studios, Finale, and Microsoft Office Suite.


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